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A Quick Guide to Hudson Valley Real Estate

People from New York City have very specific tastes when it comes to buying Hudson Valley real estate. On the one hand, they like older houses with character that’s hard to come by in modern homes. On the other, they want modern features like an open floor plan. Many second home buyers search for properties that afford them privacy, and if they are near water, that’s a bonus. In the Hudson Valley, it’s a given that buyers want a gorgeous view, but in addition, many New York City dwellers want something two hours or so from the city. Ulster, Greene, and Dutchess Counties are favorites of second home buyers because they offer properties that meet these needs.

Ulster County

Ulster County is a very desirable county for those looking to buy a Hudson Valley home, and today there are more homes available than there were five years ago. Buyers willing to spend at least $500,000 can often find homes on several acres that have undergone renovation, and that may have a water view or a pool. While Woodstock has long been a favorite of Ulster County buyers, Phoenicia and Saugerties are fast becoming favorites as well. Hurley, to the south, has a variety of architectural styles, including Victorian, traditional ranch houses, and Dutch stone houses.

Greene County

Those who are comfortable with a longer commute to the city often prefer Greene County and its lower home prices. The town of Catskill offers prices that are friendlier to bank accounts, though properties near ski areas can be expensive. Ask any Hudson Valley Realtor and you’ll learn that Greene County has a laid-back feel and less of a “chic” factor than many places upstate, and that is exactly what a lot of buyers want when they get out of the city.

Dutchess County

Dutchess County, which goes all the way to the Connecticut border in the east includes the towns of Poughkeepsie and Millbrook. This county is where you’ll find estates that belonged to families like the Roosevelts, and is also home to Vassar and Bard colleges. You can find rolling farmland and open space here, though there are more suburban areas as well. For these reasons, and because it is closer to the city, real estate in Dutchess County is more expensive. However, home prices have leveled off a bit in recent years, though desirable properties priced right still sell very quickly.

A Hudson Valley Realtor with Close Knowledge of the Region

If you’re thinking of buying a home in the Hudson Valley, make sure you find a Realtor with a long history in the area. There really is no substitute for experience, because that’s how your Realtor is able to zero in on properties that meet your needs and avoid wasting time on properties that don’t. Whether you’re buying a full-time home or a vacation home to escape to on weekends, this region offers enough variety that you’re sure to find just what you want. Work with an experienced local Realtor, and you’ll find it quicker so you can begin enjoying your time in the Hudson Valley as soon as possible.